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Therapeutic Drumming

December 2002

Unlike drumming in drum circles or for performances, there is no natural competition in therapeutic drumming. There is no need to try and remember hand movements and rhythms, or concentrate on keeping up with other drummers. When the brain gives up trying to control the rhythm, you allow the rhythm to enter your body and the drumming starts to have a healing effect. Itís like an active meditation and the benefits are numerous:




bulletDecreases stress: stress levels drop when body tension, emotional turmoil and mental fatigue are soothed and the alpha waves in your brain are increased.
bulletNatural feel-good drug: like any other exercise, drumming increases the heart rate and blood flow, resulting in an endorphin high.
bulletBoosts levels of growth hormones
bulletBoosts immune system: sound waves affect the bodyís cell growth and recovery time (think of ultrasound used for healing scar tissue and reducing inflammation). Scientists have also proven that drumming increases the activity of Natural Killer Cells (the cells that seek out and destroy cancer cells and viruses).
bullet Trauma release: emotional trauma is allowed a natural vent.
bulletActive meditation: by mimicking the heartbeat, youíll find questions are answered and problems solved as the intuitive right brain takes over from the logic-driven left brain.
bulletChronic illnesses: sound therapies have been shown to create new neural pathways in the brain at any age, bypassing the damaged pathways. Drumming is now being used as a therapeutic tool to help Parkinsonís Disease sufferers control movement, as well as helping Alzheimerís patients improve their focus, short-term memory and increase their social interaction. Itís also used to help autistic children communicate and interact, as well as improve the attention spans of children with Attention Deficit Disorders.

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