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Why Drum? 

Bush Radio interview: 31 January 2003

Nomi: Why is there such a major interest in drumming these days?

Catherine: That's a difficult question to answer - there are so many reasons. I can only say what drumming has done for me personally, and why I enjoy it. It totally got me out of my shell. I used to be quite shy, and found it difficult to be in groups. You wouldn't believe I was the same person I was before I started drumming. Since I started drumming, I don't get stressed out, I sleep better, and I feel physically fitter and healthier, and I just love life - and I'm sure that's all because of the drumming. I also love the sense of togetherness it creates - it's a great way to socialise - it seems to bring out the best in people. It's food for my soul, it's an "active meditation" - I get quite joyful when I'm drumming!

Nomi: What does it do for people?

Catherine: The great thing about drumming is that it's so easy to learn to play a rhythm. ANYONE can drum. There aren't any fiddly notes you have to pick out like learning the piano or guitar. With drumming, you can't play a wrong note - you just have to HIT the thing! And if anyone feels up against the "white girl, no rhythm" stereotype, I tell them that EVERYONE has rhythm - it's in your body. Don't tell me you don't have rhythm - if your heart is beating, then there's rhythm in your body. You even walk in rhythm. Rhythm is a "universal language", so when you communicate with rhythm, where are no barriers between people - e.g. language, culture, religion, gender, age, etc. - which is why it's such a potent tool for bringing diverse people together, and that's why it's used so successfully in the corporate world for team building.

At a more personal level, drumming in a group is an easy way to socialise, even for shy people. You don't have to worry about playing a wrong note; drumming in a group is like having a conversation where everybody is sharing equally, so you can't feel "left out", and there's no pressure on anybody to "perform".

It's also good exercise - you can work up quite a sweat, apart from building up some great arm muscles. Why do you think I've got my team wearing these sexy sleeveless T-shirts?

It's also instantly relaxing and de-stressing, and at the same time energising - it takes you into another space, like a "power holiday", which is another reason why it's so popular in the corporate environment.

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