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A selection of our best pictures



Functions and parties





Corporate team building



Earth Water Fire Air Festival - The Castle, 23 September 2005



Parliament: Opening of Parliament (Feb 2005); Launch of new emblem (March 2007)




Sidi Sangare and Djina Djembe at The Range 4 December 2005






Sidi Sangare at Zikomo drum circle 24 November 2005


Springbok U19 Rugby team - predicting their victory in the Junior World Cup in 2003




Signal Hill public drumming event 6 February 2005


Catherine and Sidi at The Range 4 December 2005


Other pictures

Children's party: Kacey Thal - 4 December 2011

Christmas party: Foldo Awnings - 19 November 2011

Children's party: Indya Gleeson - 7 May 2011

CHED, UCT - 12 March 2011

Zorgvliet bachelorette party - 6 January 2011


Team building and functions

Public drumming events

Drum circles

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