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About Us

Our teams are made up of highly experienced facilitators and some of South Africa's best djembe drummers, guaranteeing you top-quality entertainment!

Here are some of the members of the Cape Town team:

Catherine Welsh

Our "showman": Master Drummer Sidi Sangare Dingiswayo Juma

Ali Maleka

Russel Warley

Dave Jubb Tinashe Chidanyika

Catherine Welsh founded Drumming SA in 2000. She studied music from the age of 7, and trained under Malian Master Drummer Sidi Sangare. Catherine performs with Drumming SA, and is a lead facilitator. She hopes to spread the magic of djembe drumming to as many people as possible.

Dingiswayo Juma is from Zimbabwe, and is a solo djembe player and lead facilitator, as well as an expert Mbira player and teacher. He also has plenty of experience in teaching children. Dingi learnt Zimbabwean djembe drumming in Harare with Nicholas Kotei Djane, and later in South Africa with Ghanaian Master Drummer Atsu Dagadu, Eugene Ansah and Mark Wells from South Africa. He has also been inspired by Malian Master Drummer Sidi Sangare.

Dave Jubb plays dun-duns. He has studied under Atsu Dagadu (Ghana) and Sidi Sangare (Mali).

Russel Warley is our chief entertainer! Russel’s parents grew up in District Six, and he brings with him a distinctly Capetonian liveliness. Russel plays djembe and bass drum. He also provides the occasional outburst into song, and can make anybody laugh.

Tinashe Chidanyika is from Zimbabwe, and is a guest performer for Drumming SA. Tinashe plays djembe, dun-duns and Mbira. He has plenty of experience in performing and teaching mbira both in its traditional context, as well as contemporary mbira. He has played widely with well-known mbira musicians Dingiswayo Juma and Chiwoniso Maraire, and is in the process of finalising his solo mbira album.

Sidi Sangare is a Master Drummer from Mali, West Africa. Sidi has performed with some of the most famous African musicians, such as Baba Maal, Cheick ‘lo, Salif Keita, Miriam Makeba and many others. He has lived mostly in Mali and in Cape Town, and has recently moved back to Cape Town. Sidi has an incredible passion for the djembe, and is a very inspiring performer and teacher. Sidi performs and facilitates with Drumming SA by special invitation.

Ali Maleka grew up in Bophuthatswana, and trained under Malian Master Drummer Sidi Sangare. One of our most charismatic performers, Ali is a solo drummer for Drumming SA, as well as performing with Sidi Sangare's band Djina Djembe for the album Kanou.

Drumming SA performs at The Castle, Cape Town, 23 September 2005

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