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Children's drumming parties
Fun with Rhythm

We offer:

bullet A fun-filled 45 minutes of interactive drumming entertainment at your child’s party!
bullet Age 5 and older

We teach:

bullet Simple African drumming rhythms with easy songs
bullet Copying games
bullet Fun and easy dancing
bullet Lots of laughter and entertainment



 All you need to provide:

bullet venue
bullet seating – chairs, cushions, or lawn

We use small djembe drums, as these are easier for children to handle than the full-sized djembe drums.

Bookings / enquiries:

Mobile: 082 897 0684
Email: info@drummingsa.co.za

We also offer extra-mural drumming programmes at schools – please contact us for more information.

How will drumming benefit your child?


 ·    helps in the development of reading, writing and maths skills in young children.

·      helps develop basic skills such as gross and fine motor development, visual and auditory discrimination, memory recall, sensory integration and much more.

·      helps improve children’s attention spans and concentration. (It's widely used to help ADD and autistic children.)

·      Scientific studies have shown that rhythm and music-making improve one's “spatial-temporal reasoning skills” - these allow us to visualize mathematical and scientific concepts in order to solve complex problems.

·      helps to release body tension, emotional stress, frustration and pent-up anger, and promotes relaxation. 

 ·      improves self-esteem and social interaction.

·     encourages the development of listening skills, which facilitates team work and group cooperation.

 ·      Auditory development is practiced by listening to the “tone” and “bass” note of the drum and also by playing loudly and softly.

·      Drumming also has all the benefits of physical exercise, such as increased heart rate and blood flow.


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Friedman, R.L., 2000. The Healing Power of the Drum: a psychotherapist explores the healing power of rhythm. Reno, NV: White Cliffs Media

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